Hospitality Handyman

Hospitality Group Advanced Handyman Skills Program (10 days)

This skills program is specifically designed for people who work in the Hospitality maintenance sector. During training participants will learn patch-up and maintenance painting techniques and care of equipment and tools; wiring removable electrical plugs (for lights, televisions etc.); electrical safety and basic electrical fault finding; basic plumbing tasks  (cisterns, toilets; setting flushing; fitting and installing PVC Pipes; repairing leaks in PVC and steel systems; drain pipes; handling bad smells); understanding balancing valves (basic principles); tile replacement and tile laying and furniture maintenance and repair.

Outcomes of the training:

  • – Patch – up and maintenance painting techniques and care of equipment and tools
  • – Wiring removable electrical plugs (for lights, televisions etc.)
  • – Electrical safety and Basic electrical fault finding
  • – Basic plumbing tasks – Cisterns, Toilets; Setting flushing; Fitting and installing PVC Pipes; Repairing leaks in PVC and steel systems; Drain pipes; Handling bad smells
  • – Understanding balancing valves (Basic principles)
  • – Maintenance tasks – Tile replacement and tile laying
  • – Furniture maintenance and repair


This training will be provided at the Protech Training centre or can be provided at the clients training venue

Minimum number of students per class:


Learner minimum entry requirements:

Must have an understanding of English


10 days.

Credits for this skills program

  • – Maintain and repair plumbing and irrigation systems (SAQA US 11795  NQF Level 3 Credits 3)
  • – Apply & Maintain safety in an electrical environment  (SAQA US 9839 NQF Level 1 Credits 5)
  • – Design & construct a single phase circuit (SAQA US 11954 NQF Level 2 Credits 5)
  • – Establish and prepare a work area (SAQA US 9966 NQF Level 2 Credits 4)
  • – Apply wallpaper (SAQA US 14494 NQF Level 3 Credits 8 )
  • – Tiling and paving
  • – Scaffold erectors (SANS 10085)
  • – Comply with good housekeeping practices (SAQA US 117416 NQF Level 2 Credits 4)
  • – Adapt to working in a client’s work environment (SAQA US 253880 NQF Level 3 Credits 3)
  • – Describe the impact of customer service in a business (SAQA US 252244 NQF Level 1 Credits 6)


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