Advanced Handyman

Advanced Handyman Skills Program (10 days)

This skills program will allow participants to perform skilled maintenance in and around facilities and on equipment in a safe manner. During training participants will learn how to apply health and safety to the work area; identify, inspect, use, maintain and care for engineering hand tools; maintain and repair plumbing systems; establish and prepare a painting work area; prepare and prime new surfaces; tile replacement and tile laying and about the impact of customer service on a business.


This training will be provided at the Protech Training centre or can be provided at the clients training venue.

Minimum number of students per class:


Learner minimum entry requirements:

Must have an understanding of English


10 days.

Credits for this skills program

  • – Apply health and safety to the work area SAQA US 9964 Level 2 Credits 8
  • – Identify, inspect, use, maintain and care for engineering hand tools SAQA US 10252 Level 3 Credits 6
  • – Maintain and repair plumbing systems SAQA US 11795 Level 3 Credits 3
  • – Establish and prepare a Painting work area SAQA US 9966 Level 2 Credits 3
  • – Prepare and prime new surfaces SAQA US 119072 Level 2 Credits 18
  • – Tile replacement and tile laying SAQA US 9962 Level 2 Credits 3
  • – Comply with good house keeping practices SAQA US 117416 Level 2 Credits 4
  • – Adapt to working in a client’s work environment SAQA US 253880 Level 2 Credits 3
  • – Describe the impact of customer service on a business SAQA US 252244 Level 1 Credits 6


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